Balloon-Sinus Procedure: Seek Refuge from Fall Allergies

As residents of the south, many of us run to seek refuge from exposure to allergens during the spring. But did you know that fall is actually a worse season for allergy sufferers? Luckily, at Riesberg Institute we can help! As one of the only ENT specialist in the region to provide the in-office balloon-sinus procedure, we are eager to assist you and provide relief from your discomfort.

Fall Allergens in Florida

As cooler weather comes to Florida, plants begin to release more pollen and the moist, cool air begins to spur mold growth on the leaves and other surfaces. These changes in temperature often spur ragweed, cedar elm and various types of molds. Additionally, as farmers begin to harvest peanuts during the fall, the harvesting spurs dust and other particles that often irritate sinuses.


Ragweed is greenish-yellow flowers that typically bloom during late summer. As the wind becomes stronger and cooler weather begins rolling in, pollen is swept off of these perennials. Ragweed produces an abundance of pollen causing many residents to start feeling the symptoms of allergies.

Cedar Elm

Commonly planted along streets and parking lots, cedar elm is low maintenance. Alike with ragweed, the flower this greenery produces heavily contributes to allergens found during the fall season.


Molds are found anywhere since their spores have the ability to travel through air. In Florida, molds are often found year-round due to the warm air. However, as moisture increase such as during hurricane season then so does the growth of mold.

Peanut Harvesting

In northern Florida, peanut farmers plant during March and May in hopes of harvesting during the fall. As farming begins, the peanuts’ dust spurs up from ground and irritates residents’ sinuses.

Discover Relief with the Balloon-Sinus Procedure

After trying various medications or even testing negative for allergies you may feel there is no relief from your discomfort. Luckily, at Riesberg Institute the in-office balloon-sinus procedure is the saving grace you have been searching for! The balloon-sinus procedure is safe, effective and minimally invasive. Through local anesthesia, this procedure preserves the normal anatomy of the sinuses and mucosal tissue since it does not require the removal of bone and tissue. After patients experience this in-office procedure, they report durable results that last years!

Are you the perfect fit for this procedure?

If you or someone you know is experiencing sinus issues you may be the perfect fit for the balloon-sinus procedure! Here are examples of patients that respond positively to this type of treatment.

Call Riesberg Institute Today!

Dr. Riesberg is one of the only ENT specialists in the region to provide this in-office procedure. With his extensive experience and deep compassion for his patients you can experience relief this fall as allergens begin to circulate our air. Request Riesberg today!

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