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Typically, people take time off work, or arrange for childcare, so they can see an ENT specialist. After the initial sinus examination, the ENT specialist then refers the patient to a hospital or imaging center for a sinus CT scan. The imaging referral requires the patient to take additonal time off work, as well as, paying the hospital or imaging center for the CT scan. A seperate follow up appointment is then scheduled with the ENT specialist to discuss CT scan results and treatment plan.

If you are counting, that is three seperate appointments on three seperate days during which the patient is losing money or paid time hours from work. We have not even touched on the anxious stress or annoyance the pateint may feel while waiting weeks in between those appointments.


What if it could all happen in one visit?


The Riesberg Institute's In-Office CT scanner provides the service of packing your valuable time in to a same day appointment; Resulting in fast accurate diagnosis and leading to the best course of immediate treatment.

At the Riesberg Institute, we offer In-Office Sinus CT Scan, In-Office Sinus Procedures, In-Office Allergy Testing and Treatment and In-Office Audiology Services.

Do not wait for days or weeks for the relief you need. Request Riesberg and Hear Better, Sound Better, and Feel Better faster!


Dr. Riesberg Will See You Now!


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