Feel Confident in a Hearing World

Feel Confident in a Hearing World

November 8, 2019

Our world is full of sounds: the ability to easily hear those sounds is taken for granted by most people. However, when the sound saround you begin to diminish due to hearing loss, you may start to lose yourself-confidence and independence. Hearing loss can affect anyone at any time.In fact, 50% of people with hearing loss are younger than age 65.

Your world does not have to become smaller just because your hearing is declining. You have the power to restore your hearing – and your self-confidence– by exploring the different types of hearing aid technology available today. For example, there are hearing aid options that provide:

·        Noise reduction

·        Speech enhancement

·        Automatic directionality

·        Wireless connectivity for your cell phone, home phone or television

There are very discreet designs that can fit deeply within the ear canal or behind the ear.

Restore Your Connections

Once you get past any deep-rooted stigmas you may have about hearing aids, you will find that the right type of hearing instrument will be empowering, restoring your daily connection to:

·        Face-to-face and telephone conversations with family and friends

·        Television shows and music

·        Interaction with store clerks, waiters, doctors,etc.

·        Sounds in your home such as a ringing doorbell

·        Emergency sounds such as fire alarms or emergency vehicles

·        Nature sounds such as birds chirping

If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss in Pensacola,FL, contact the hearing specialists at Riesberg Institute by calling (850) 476-0700 or visiting our website to arrange a hearing aid evaluation. Our experienced team can analyze your level of hearing loss and make recommendations for the right type of instrument to restore sound and yourself-confidence.