Listen Up: It’s Time to Confront Your Hearing Loss

It can be easy to ignore hearing loss. You can quickly blame hearing problems on noisy environments, quiet talkers or pronunciation/accent barriers. If these excuses are becoming the norm, rather than the exception, it may be time to confront your hearing loss and take action to improve it.  

“Are you having problems hearing? If so, those around you already know it. Hearing loss is no laughing matter, so don't be a punchline.”

-         Leslie Nielsen, hearing-impaired late actor and hearing health advocate

It’s true: the people around you may already suspect that your hearing has declined – even before you fully realize it. Here are some sure signs that you may not be experiencing life in the same ways other people are:

The good news is that today’s hearing aids can be completely invisible or barely visible, allowing you to restore sound to your life without making it obvious that you need hearing assistance(if that is your major concern).

Hearing loss is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s time to stop ignoring it. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss in Pensacola,FL, contact the hearing specialists at Riesberg Institute by calling (850) 476-0700 or visiting our website to arrange a hearing aid evaluation.

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